Using A+ content to up Amazon performance of food and beverage brands

Superfood Digital’s Amazon A+ content template with 5 modules of Enhanced Content for your food or beverage brand to optimize Amazon performance.

A+ content aka Enhanced Content is a must for any food or beverage brand looking to optimize its Amazon presence and performance. Whether you are new to Amazon, planning to join, or a long-standing seller or vendor, you’ll want to optimize your brand’s presence with enhanced A+ content on your product pages. 

But how, exactly?

We’ve had several clients ask what key elements, visuals, and messaging should be included in Amazon enhanced content. To help food and beverage brands build this out, we developed a simple and effective template of 5 modules that we recommend including in your enhanced content on Amazon.

In this article, we will describe each module and provide several examples. Feel free to make the template your own by adding or removing modules.

How can A+ content help food brands on Amazon

Enhanced A+ Content is the visual, branded content found below the fold on product detail pages usually in the ‘From the Manufacturer’ or ‘Product Description’ sections.

It stands out because it looks more like a brand’s web page than a traditional Amazon page.

This section is a fantastic place to tell your brand story. It positions your brand in a more premium light and also provides concrete benefits: 

  • Enhanced content has been shown to increase conversion 3- 10%, according to Amazon
  • Enhanced content is a factor in Amazon’s A9 algorithm, Amazon’s search engine. So it can increase your organic visibility in Amazon search as well.

Amazon has a variety of modules with different combinations of text, images, and comparison charts brands can use. Premium A+ content as videos as well as other bells and whistles (and is invite-only and pricey). Regular A+ content is free.

Note: to take advantage of enhanced content, you must be a registered brand in Amazon Brand Registry.

Amazon A+ template for Food and Beverage

We’ve looked through hundreds if not thousands of A+ content and distilled it down to 5 essential modules that will work for most food and beverage brands. This will cover the key points of your brand. This single template could potentially be used across all products so you don’t have to create new enhanced content for each product (not needed in most cases).

Our simple and effective template consists of 5 modules

  1. Headline Banner
  2. Brand Story
  3. Top 3 Benefits
  4. Dietary/Nutritional Icons
  5. Product Portfolio

Headline Banner

The first module is a banner. For this you will use the logo module of Amazon A+ content. But don’t just include a logo and call it a day! You want to instead create a dynamic banner with 

  • Background photo of lifestyle or product in use
  • Headline or tagline
  • Image of packaging and/or logo

This is similar to a background cover photo for a social media account. You will want to create this or have someone create this for you in an external tool like Photoshop or Canva and then import it in. 

Examples of banners

Athletic Greens 


Kettle & Fire


Use the ‘logo’ template and the image dimensions should be 600 x 180

Brand Story

So the second module we recommend is a Brand Story. This could be a founder story, your origin story, or a mission that you are passionate about that drives the business. You likely have some sort of brand story like this on your website or packaging. Enhanced content is a great place to reinforce your values to new-to-brand customers which comprise a large percentage of those browsing your product pages on Amazon.

Typically the module to use is a right or left photo module:


Examples of Brand and Founder Stories:

Smart Sweets


Purely Pecan


Top 3 Benefits

The third module to include is your Top 3 Benefits module. This is just as it sounds. Here you want to communicate the top three defining benefits or differentiators of your brand and product. 

There are 3 ways to implement this module. You could create a graphic outside of Amazon with 3 icons for maximum control. A  good example of this one is Matcha Bar, with their Hustle energy drink (using the logo template)


You can also use the more traditional three image module included in Amazon. Beanito is an example. I like how they talk about taste first.


A third way to illustrate you top 3 benefits is to have 3 blocks vertically (using 3 logo templates with similar design stacked)

  • Benefit 1
  • Benefit 2
  • Benefit 3

If possible, we would recommend not including dietary and nutritional claims as benefits as we highlight these in the next module.

Dietary/Nutritional Icons

So the 4th module is where you’re going to highlight all of the dietary and nutritional claims such as gluten-free, soy-free, organic, paleo, keto, etc. 

We recommend using an image with icons. 

A good example of this is Hint. They talk about how they’re vegan friendly, gluten-free, non-GMO, et cetera in an attractive graphic that clearly states all of those different dietary and nutritional criteria that they meet. 



Another good example is That’s It Bar. As you can see here, they do the same:

That’s It Bar


Product Portfolio

The 5th and final module that we recommend is a Product Portfolio or family module. 

By definition, people will be viewing your enhanced content on a single product page. So they’re potentially not going to know the full breadth of your products and flavors in the line. This is helpful especially if you have products spanning different categories. Maybe you sell marinara sauces but also have a line of pasta.

Even if your products mostly fall into just one product category you still will want to use this module to highlight all of your different flavors, if applicable. 

Here are some examples. 

Spindrift uses a custom image here to show all of their flavors. 


Another good example from Hint. It not only shows a variety of flavors, but it also shows the different product categories like Kids and even Sunscreen, which is a completely different kind of product line in addition to their beverages that they have. Most people likely don’t know that Hint actually has a sunscreen line. But people can learn that while visiting their more traditional beverage product pages. So a great way to cross-sell. 


To get started choose A+ Content from the Advertising menu on the Seller Central homepage then click start creating A+ content. 

Hope you enjoyed this tip and let us know if you have any questions or feedback.