The Challenge

Angelic Bakehouse, a sprouted grain baked goods company, hired us to lead their digital marketing efforts: to increase revenue, build brand awareness, and drive website traffic. They approached us in the midst of website overhaul, looking to capitalize on their efforts through ROI-driven digital marketing.

We implemented a course of action for increasing website traffic through SEO and SEM (Google Ads), while tracking insights and results through Google Analytics.

The Work

We started with a comprehensive, data-driven analysis into keywords, competitors, and top-ranking content. The insights gathered from this research informed a full SEO plan for on-page SEO, technical and SEO-optimized content. By teaming up with a developer, designer, copywriter, and the Angelic Bakehouse team we made sure that all our SEO recommendations fit into the larger brand strategy.
With the SEO up and running, we launched a Google Ads campaign to further capture search engine traffic. Targeting the regions where Angelic Bakehouse is available, we executed a full campaign of text only and visual shopping ads. In order to measure, track, and analyze our progress, we looked to the newly configured Google analytics account.

The Win

In just a few short months, Angelic Bakehouse increased their website traffic, raised their search rankings, and grew their e-commerce sales to the highest levels in company history. They even made it to the top five for the majority of target keywords with several rankings reaching #1 in Google. Their progress saw month to month improvements on a consistent basis.

On the Google Ads side, Angelic Bakehouse’s CTR (Click-through Rate) reached levels three times greater than industry benchmarks. Shopping Ads further boosted brand awareness with images of new packaging surfacing to the top of search. And the CPC (cost per click) fell steadily over time thanks to the optimization of text ads and campaign settings.

Best of all, Angelic Bakehouse’s e-commerce sales more than doubled in fewer than six months.