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  • Get inspiration for Instagram, Facebook, and Google ads based on what top brands are doing
  • Convert and sell more using the best Amazon tactics of competitors
  • Discover the top-performing SEO and content strategies of food & beverage brands
  • Learn fresh DTC (direct-to-consumer) ideas to incorporate into your e-commerce plan
  • Confidently build a better digital marketing plan without wasting time or money

There’s LOADS of food brands and they’re all competing for your audience


You know your digital marketing isn’t optimized. But what exactly should you do to give your brand the best shot at success?

With Facebook ads, SEO, DTC, Instagram, PPC, Amazon, and email, the options are overwhelming.

You’re already time-strapped with the day-to-day grind of production, demos and getting into more doors.

Even if you had time to research digital marketing best practices, the advice “out there” doesn’t cater specifically to food and beverage brands like yours.

While your brand and product are strong, your digital marketing is, well, half-baked.

Maybe you dabbled with SEO’ing a page, boosting a Facebook post, or an Amazon store but didn’t achieve the results you hoped.

You can’t crack the code on digital marketing and e-commerce even though you see more food brands succeeding with DTC.

Everytime you log into Google analytics or Amazon (if you actually do), you just feel lost.

Outside of scrolling Instagram, you don’t have a good sense of how top emerging food brands are marketing online.

Weak digital marketing is not only hurting current sales but also future opportunities as buyers and investors aren’t seeing the strong digital marketing track record from your brand they need.

But you are an expert in food not digital marketing.

Don’t worry. We do this every day.

You can quickly incorporate insights from our guide to start improving your digital marketing today.

Get instant access to our comprehensive research created for food businesses like yours.

Our in-depth guide outlines the digital marketing of 3 emerging food and beverage brands including Perfect Bar, Truff and Hint Water.

Learn what other top brands have already tried and tested to save time and generate better ideas.

Whether you do digital marketing in-house or use an agency, you should know the latest in digital marketing so you can manage to best practices.

About Superfood Digital

Superfood Digital has always been a little food obsessed. But considering that all our clients are rising food and beverage brands, could you really expect otherwise? (We ask as we reach for the snacks.)

Our team of seasoned specialists, from SEO and SEM to content strategy and Amazon store optimization, is here to help your business thrive. By working to build brand awareness, drive traffic in-store and online, we strive to ultimately increase your sales. We believe in doing the research, especially when “doing the research” entails going grocery shopping.


“Superfood Digital has been a pleasure to work with. They’re always prepared with great insights and available to us with quick response times when we truly need them.”

James Marino, Founder of Angelic Bakehouse

“Personalized direction, strategic insight, and comprehensive communication is the recipe for an effective digital marketing partner. That is exactly what Superfood Digital embodies.”

Tori Gay, Marketing Manager of Farmhouse Culture

Download Digital Marketing Breakdown Guide

We believe food brands are often strong at branding and product but lacking in digital marketing. We created this guide to help get you started towards better food and beverage digital marketing.

Get fresh ideas, inspiration, and actionable insights from 3 top food brands.

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